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3 Must-Have Notions for Bag Making

3 Must-Have Notions for Bag Making

No matter what kind of sewing you do, having the right tools for the job is essential. Over many years of sewing, I have found some tools and notions that I really love, and others that I’ve found pretty useless. The only time I will ever share a notion with you is when I use it myself and love it. You will see all of the tools and notions we sell in my sewing videos, as I use them regularly. Here are a few of my very favorites!

1. The OESD Expert Point and Press Tool for Perfect Corners

The OESD Expert Point and Press Tool is one of my favorite tools to turn points and curves with precision and ease! I use this tool regularly when turning slip pockets for bags. It is an essential companion for all your bag making projects. It features a fabric-safe stiletto with two point sizes and a comfortable, non-slip body.

2. Kai 9” Scissors for a Smooth Cut Every Time

I use many different kinds of scissors during my videos, and they all have a different job. The ones I reach for the most, however, are the KAI 5230 9" Bent Handle Scissor. It has an ergonomically soft handle, which allows for fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabric. It cuts multiple layers of denim with ease and trims cottons without fabric slippage.

If you’re also a quilt maker, it features a tailoring bend for stand-up pattern cutting and for trimming batting from quilts. The bent handle keeps the edge of the quilt flat on the table for accurate trimming.

3. Hugo's Amazing Tape to Keep Your Space Organized

The story behind Hugo’s Amazing Tape goes like this: “The son of a printer, Hugo Maisnik, grew up being an inventor. After a happy accident at the print shop one day Hugo turned a plastic spill into a delightful, magical whoopsie into an amazing tape that allowed you to stretch, wrap and pull holding almost anything together with ease.”

Hugo’s Amazing Tape is a self-clinging transparent tape that’s adhesive-free, so it won’t leave any residue behind. I use it regularly in my workroom. It’s ideal for holding the thread end on my large Tex 70 spools. We also use it to wrap around leather hides rolled on kraft tubes. The uses for this tape are virtually unlimited.

More Sewing Tools and Notions

Making high-quality bags requires high-quality tools — but quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. Simply Classic sells a variety of affordable and effective tools and notions, from practical bobbin boxes to beautiful handmade seam rippers. Shop all Tools and Notions.

Now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite sewing tool or notion? Let me know in the comments.


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